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Win your next auction with our flexible financing options

Bid with confidence at auction today

Funding can be arranged up to 100% LTV and most complex income and wealth strategies we have seen before.

Loans from £20,000, proficiency in maximising borrowing and lender flexibility.

Interest-only finance from all realistic UK based lenders.

Regulated & unregulated funding available.

Quick loans and heavy refurbishment products can be quoted.

Limited company, onshore and offshore trusts, and complex ownership structures understood.

We pride ourselves on lending for entrepreneurial borrowers including foreign nationals, expats and UK/non-UK residents.

We specialise in taking a brief and completing deals proactively on your behalf – you can remain as involved in the process as you wish but trust us to get the job done regardless

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    Are you in need of financing for your auction purchases? Look no further. Our team of experienced auction finance brokers is here to help you secure the funding you need to make the most of your auction experience.

    Completing the form puts you straight in touch with our dedicated auction finance team – we can easily apply for financing and get a decision in as little as 48 hours. Our competitive bridging rates and flexible repayment terms, combined with agreeing your exit strategy and any other mortgage requirements, makes it easy to get the financing you need when you need it.

    Don't let a lack of financing hold you back from getting your paddle up and buying at auction. We make property deals happen quicker, boost profitability, and can carry out the whole finance journey on your behalf. Contact us today to find out how.

    What makes us unique?

    Qualified and employed in-house teams provide consistent service

    Exclusive rates plus reduced turnaround times available via our lender relationships

    Experts in both personal name and limited company applications

    Exclusive rates and reduced turnaround times available via our lenders

    Critique of the deals you should be doing, futureproofing today’s decisions

    Open an honest in our assessment of the deal’s you need to reconsider

    An adviser and case manager in your corner at all times

    Get on with your life and trust us to get the job done

    Access to all realistic UK based lenders, if we can’t do it very few others can

    Award winning and consistently 5* reviewed for service

    We work ethically and with integrity, Directly Authorised by the FCA

    Complementary finance and insurance services available

    Our can-do culture

    The DNA team is committed to providing the highest quality advice and service in the UK, following a 3 point promise:

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    1. Speed

    We work quickly and proactively all the way through to completion

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    2. Service

    Rely on us to connect the dots between all parties within a transaction, allowing you to get on with your life

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    3. Support

    Enjoy dedicated support from an adviser and case manager throughout the process

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    Our clients


    Our reviews are testament to the care and attention we give to every single project.

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    “DNA will be the only company I recommend for anybody to use from now on.”

    Benjamin Hollis-Iles

    “Just moved into my dream home after obtaining a mortgage through DNA... Fab communication and a great service!”

    Hope Bodle

    “Stress free and completely streamlined service... I absolutely can not recommend DNA enough”

    Olivia Paine

    “Absolutely fantastic service. Adam went above & beyond, pulled out all the stops to get us moving into our dream cottage”

    Craig Douglas