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Traditional Process, Modern Methods

It is said that home is where the heart is ……. Well it’s probably fair to say that the pressures of buying, refinancing & insuring your property can build and sometimes, that heart can be lost in the process.

We at DNA Financial Solutions are here to make your life easier when it comes to property.


Circumstances vary and so should advice. We are here to make sure that everything we do is specific to you and your own situation so you are getting exactly what you need.


Everybody has their own story to tell and we are here to listen. Your past, your present and your future determine where you have been to where you are going. Tell us your story and we will fit our process around you.


From your ambitions to your sense of humour, you are unique and so are we. We are not a ‘tick box’ company and we don’t want to be, we aren’t here to tell you what you need but we are here to listen, inform and advise. Let your individuality guide us to ultimately helping you reach your property goals.

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